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September 16, 2016

Slag Tag.  Ass Antlers. 

You know what I’m talking about… that spot in the small of your back..  ahh yes, the Tramp Stamp. 

It's true.  Many of the lower back tattoos out there can be nauseatingly similar, can't they.  That's probably where the problem starts. They typically have sweeping lines that are supposed to contour the curves of the wearers body, which certainly can be seen as "adornment intended to entice." Unfortunately, because these pieces are so cliche, artists are tired of slapping them on.  They are often not drawn to the right size, or contours.  They frequently contain stan...

July 23, 2016

Tattooing is still largely dominated by male artists, even though surveys show that there could now be more women in the US tattooed than men. In spite of the current landscape, there have been women tattooing in America since the 1900’s. Many of the ladies discovered their love of tattoo during their time in circus sideshows. Most of them were taught by boyfriends or husbands. All of them were badasses.  Let's take a moment to learn about the matriarchs of tattooing.

Maud Stevens Wagner
Maud’s first gig was circus performing. She was a contortionist and aerialist working with traveling acts. It was a...

May 18, 2016

These are actually NOT the questions I get asked most frequently, but I think they are on people's minds:

1. Is this product legal in my state?


2. Will using this product make me pop a drug test?

The answers are YES it's legal and NO it won't pop a drug test.  If you want to learn more please read on!

Let's start with the question on legalities. 

Nurse Mary J is made of industrial hemp, NOT marijuana.  Let me define those terms because understanding the distinction between hemp and marijuana will totally clarify the question of legality.

You know how your pet kitten and a tiger both belong to...

January 8, 2016

 Ed Hardy's Tattoo City in San Francisco, CA

I get asked questions about finding a tattoo artist or shop almost every day.  While choosing a tattoo artist has a lot to do with appreciation of style, ensuring you're getting work done in a safe and clean tattoo studio simply means making sure the shop lives up to (if not exceeds) industry standards.

How Do I Choose A Tattoo Shop?

Tattoo shops nationwide are not all subject to the same health and safety codes.  It's interesting to find that many states do not require tattoo shops to be licensed or meet any standards at all- look here for a list of tatt...

January 4, 2016

It's a common tattoo stereotype that people choose art on the fly from a flash poster on the wall, and that artists bang out work quickly all day.  It's actually most likely that you'll meet and chat with your tattoo artist days or maybe even weeks before you get into the chair for your first sitting. 

If you're going into a tattoo shop to talk with an artist for the first time, you may be nervous and not know what to say.  Don't worry!  The artist will help guide you through the process.  They will have an important, experienced perspective on the art you want done so be sure to listen to and co...

January 2, 2016

Since I started to talk to people about Nurse Mary J and tattoo aftercare, lots of really great questions have come my way.  I made a FAQ page so that it would be easy for you to find the answers to the most common questions people ask. 

I thought some questions were better to answer in blog form, so today I'll start a series discussing some of the other things people ask me a lot. 

Can You Help Me Find a Quality Tattoo Artist?

It's funny... I almost always get this question via email, and no one ever tells me where they live! 

First, you can visit our small (but always growing!) list of tattoo art...

November 3, 2015


Before you leave the tattoo shop, your artist will go over proper aftercare routine with you.  Some artists are sponsored by an aftercare line, and will be able to put their recommendation right in your hand.  Others may have a few options on the shelf, and some may just give you some guidelines to follow and make you find your own aftercare from choices at the drugstore.  Nearly every artist will recommend that you find an aftercare product that:

*has no dyes or fragrances
*no petroleum products
*no alcohol or other drying ingredients

...and many now also recommend

*no parabens/animal pr...

July 23, 2015





Hello Friends! 

Those who know me personally know that I talk a lot, but in spite of that, am a rather private person.  Since spearheading Nurse Mary J Tattoo Aftercare, and bringing the company out into the public, folks have been posting, tweeting and even sending emails to ask personal questions about me.  I thought maybe it would be good to post some of the answers to the most frequently asked questions. 



Are you a real nurse?


Can you tattoo me?
No, I'm not a tattoo artist.


Can you design a custom piece for me?
Sadly, I'm not an artist at all. 


Do you have tattoos? 
Of course!...

July 18, 2015


In the last blog, we talked about water.  Today we are going to wrap up this series on tattoo aftercare myths with a quick blog on the dry healing technique. 

THE MYTH: Put Nothing On Your Tattoo, Oxygen Is Best

In all reality, oxygen is is crucial to healthy wound healing, so this is a simple case of "taking a good thing too far." 

During a dry heal, the fresh tattoo is washed gently in the shower, but there is no aftercare beyond that.

The dry heal method is very rarely recommended by tattoo professionals, I have never met an artist who approved of it (but that doesn't mean they aren't out...

July 16, 2015

Last time, we talked Neosporin.  Next up on the tattoo aftercare mythbusting block: water myths (and truths!).


THE MYTH: Swimming, Especially in the Pool, Will Fade Your Ink

Much like the myths regarding petroleum products leaching color from tattoos, this one is also false, however there are many layers to this particular issue. 

First, let's address the pool.  There is no evidence showing that chlorine from the pool is responsible for faded ink.  If you're still concerned, remember that once the tattoo is fully healed (3 months), it is an absolute impossibility for chlorine to effect your ink in an...

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Lay off the "Tramp Stamp" Comments. It's Old, and we Already Know You're Funny.

September 16, 2016

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