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Frequently Asked Questions


You have questions, we want to share the answers!  We get a variety of questions about our tattoo aftercare lotion every day.  They range from serious business inquiries to personal questions for the Founder.  These are the "greatest hits!"  If you have a question you don't see here, please drop us a line, we'd love to hear from you! 

Is Nurse Mary J legal in my state?
Yes.  Our product is made from Industrial Hemp that is legally sourced, tested and taxed.  Industrial hemp products are legal nationwide.  Nurse Mary J contains NO THC. 
Will Nurse Mary J cause me to fail a drug test?
NO.  Drug tests are testing for the cannabanoid THC.  Nurse Mary J is made of Industrial Hemp and DOES NOT contain THC. 
My tattoo is a few days old, can I start using Nurse Mary J now?

Because Nurse Mary J is formulated to reduce inflammation caused by tattooing, the longer you wait to begin application, the less effective it will be.  Please try to begin use immediately after the first time you wash, within 2-12 hours of the ink being laid down.  

Do you sell a tattoo wash? What should I use to cleanse?


Nurse Mary J is developing an aftercare wash.  Until it's available for sale, we recommend using a product that does not contain fragrance, dyes, soap, abrasives or alcohol.  For tattoo aftercare, we love pre/post surgical washes- they work great.  




Can I use Nurse Mary J Tattoo Aftercare for other stuff besides tattoos?


You can apply our aftercare lotion to your skin as often as you want, our anti-inflammatory formula works for lots of stuff!  We can tell you that we have non-tattooed clients who sing high praises about using our product to relieve Eczema and Psoriasis.  Clients have mentioned enduring less "burning" sensation when used after a sunburn.  We have clients who use it to calm their scalps after they Bic their heads.  Our founder uses the lotion after getting her eyebrows threaded because "...otherwise everyone at the mall stares at my angry, red, ex-unibrow stripe!" 



Can Nurse Mary J bring my faded tattoo back to life?


Tattoo luster fades over time due to ink loss and deterioration of ink by UV light.  That means that you can shine up an old tattoo, but the only way to revive it is to add more ink- you can't just "lotion it up and magic a tattoo back to life."   We'd love to be your aftercare choice for your next touch-up!  When used correctly, our anti-inflammatory formula will help you retain more ink during the healing process, which means your colors will stay bold longer!




If there are no dyes or perfumes in this, why is it green and fragrant?

The smell and color are all natural- you're smelling hemp!  Your tattoo will not be effected.



Can you ship to me overseas?

Thank you SO much for your interest in Nurse Mary J Tattoo Aftercare!  We are sorry, but we aren't equipped for interntional sales and shipping at this time.  We have found that shipping and import taxes frequenly cost more than the product itself. 

One last question...

What is the difference between Hemp and Marijuana? 

Hemp is a tall plant that is grown for its industrial purposes- fiber and oil.  It contains high levels of CBD, but next to no THC, the psycho-active cannabinoid (must have levels of 0.3% or lower).  That's why you can't get high when you use hemp lotions or if you were to smoke hemp rope. 

Marijuana is a short, bushy plant valued for its high THC content- it's grown for consumption. 

In the same way that your pet kitten and the tiger at the zoo are both cats, hemp and marijuana are both cannabis- but the differences are huge!  Check out this article from Leaf Sciene for some more information.  Our founder curates a Twitter feed dedicated to sharing cannabis facts and science-based information, click this link to visit @CannaFactsByNMJ





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Hemp CBD Tattoo Aftercare

Hemp CBD Tattoo Aftercare
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