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Our Favorite Artists


Choose your next artist from our list of friends! 

Todd Noble
Right Coast Tattoo
Fenwick Island, DE

Todd is the amazing artist who created the Nurse Mary J logo.  He's got years of international tattoo experience under his belt, and is also a published author.  His Instagram feed is one of our all time favorites, please be sure to visit! 

Andy is an experienced and talented artist who is one of the early adopters of Nurse Mary J. With years of tattooing under his belt, he recently opened a gorgeous new shop in Beaumont, Texas.   Sovereign Ink Tattoo Company offers clients a place to watch the artowrk that they helped to create on paper come to life. 

Sean Dawley
Hooligan's Ink

Carson City, NV

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Sean is a Carson City tattoo artist and teacher. He started in the San Fransisco Bay Area and studied under tattoo legend Phil Sims in Long Beach, CA. Today, he is the owner of Hooligan's Ink, opened in 2008.

Ryan is the kickass manager over at All About Art in Lumberton, TX.  He's got a great eye for composition, and has a multitude of styles in his portfolio.  Ryan can help you design the perfect tattoo.  Hit him up for your next piece. 

Justice is a Graphic Designer, Tattoo Artist and Body Piercing Technician with somewhere around 20 years. of experience.  He does some spectacularly bold color work.  Currently he's working at Sovereign Ink Tattoo Company helping clients create unique and colorful pieces. 

Jake is another one of the fantastic gentlemen slingin' ink at All About Art in Lumberton, TX.  He's another one of those guys that can do it all.  His portfolio of work is varied and unique.  Trust him to bring the elements of your idea into a fantastic peice of art. 

Seawall Paul
Epic 13
Tomball, TX



If you're in the Houston area, check out our friend Seawall Paul at Epic 13 Tattoo in Tomball, Texas.  His shop is a sweet little spot tucked just off a busy road.  Paul specializes in freehand work, so if you sit with him you're certain to get an amazingly unique piece of art that will last a lifetime. 

Nurse Mary


Hemp CBD Tattoo Aftercare

Hemp CBD Tattoo Aftercare
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