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We are so thankful for your interest in our product!

Nurse Mary J has pioneered a unique aftercare philosophy and because we work differently than any other aftercare product on the market today, it's important that the people who represent our brand have experience using it.

A sponsorship would be our way of thanking artists who have purchased, used and believe in our products. 

So, if you want to get your name out there via our social media channels, and/or are interested in sponsorship consideration, get to know us first through our Consignment Program!  It's a great way to offer your clients a natural and organic aftercare option, get their feedback, and start a mutually beneficial relationship with us! 







Here's how it works:

Our Consignment Program is a great way for us to establish a relationship with your shop, and for you to hear your clients thoughts about Nurse Mary J and make some cash on the side. 

You will pay a one-time fee of $50, and we will send you 10 4oz bottles of Nurse Mary J.  We suggest that you retail the bottles for $20 each.  You will pay Nurse Mary J $15 per bottle (our wholesale price) and keep $5 per bottle.  You'll enjoy visibility on our social media when you share your work with us.  You'll also have the opportunity to test the product and hear your clients thoughts- and- you'll make your $50 right back!

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Hemp CBD Tattoo Aftercare

Hemp CBD Tattoo Aftercare
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